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Analysis and elimination of the failure of sound reinforcement system

Release date: 2020-04-28 22:12
See the following table for the causes and solutions of the failure of the sound reinforcement system.
(1): no sound in sound reinforcement system
The power plug of one or several of the connected audio equipment is not plugged in properly. Solution: check the power terminal block to make the socket contact well.
(2): the sound reinforcement system sometimes makes a "click" sound, especially in the process of playing music, this phenomenon constantly occurs.
(1) There is faulty welding in the connecting line between the equipment of the sound reinforcement system. When there is a music signal, the solution is to make the sound signal intermittently by using the false solder joint:
(2) It is necessary to thoroughly check the wiring of each channel equipment, and it is better to re weld each connection point;
(3) If the connection solder joints are thoroughly inspected, the phenomenon of "click" still appears, which may be that the connecting wire is broken. Check each wire with a multimeter, and replace the cable with broken wire inside.
(3): when the sound reinforcement system is silent, the AC sound is serious
1. The connecting shield wire of each channel equipment has poor contact or faulty welding. Solution: carefully check the shield wire between each equipment and try to use welding.
2. The equipment with three pin power plug is connected to the socket with two-wire input, and the two-stage live wire is inversely connected with the neutral wire. Solution: the two-wire input socket must be reversed, and the neutral wire and the live wire must be reversed. Generally, the left foot of the socket is neutral wire and the right foot is live wire. The power plug-in board shall be equipped with three pins, and the pins above the middle part shall be grounded to ensure the safety of power consumption.
3. Some audio equipment uses two pin plug, but some equipment must use three pin plug, otherwise AC induction may occur during the connection, leading to the solution of AC sound: turn the power plug of audio equipment with two pin plug upside down.
(4): when the sound system and the light system are running at the same time, the AC noise of the sound system is very loud. When the light system is turned off, the sound system cannot hear the AC sound. The sound system and the light system share the same single-phase electricity. The thyristor of the lighting system has a large working current and is of the AC pulse type. It is directly coupled to the input end of the expansion equipment through the power lead, so as to generate a large AC sound solution:
(1) Sound system and light system are powered independently;
(2) The power supply of sound system adopts isolation transformer, and the power of isolation transformer shall be higher than that of sound system;
(5): in the process of sound reinforcement, a group of speakers or two groups of speakers at the left and right channel entrances are suddenly silent;
In general, it is because the power amplifier is overloaded or the sound power borne by the speaker is too high
(1) Replace the amplifier or speaker;
(2) In order to repair the power amplifier by replacing the high power transistors with special matched pairs, we must pay attention to the occurrence of this situation, which is caused by overload. We should attach great importance to the operation problems when tuning. In order to protect the power amplifier or speaker, a limiter can be added to the sound reinforcement system;
(6): In karaoke hall, the singing voice of the singers is separated from the music accompaniment.
1. The left and right channels of the sound source enter the mixing platform, and the audio-visual adjusting buttons on the corresponding channels are placed disorderly, resulting in audio-visual confusion. Solutions: correct the adjustment of the audio-visual adjusting buttons on the corresponding channels, so that the output signals of the mixing platform retain the audio-visual images of the original sound source;
2. The room equalizer only compensates the music sound, or the room equalizer room balance curve adjustment is unreasonable. The solution: readjust the room balance compensation curve;
(7): the effect processing of singing sound has not been added
1. The singing sound does not enter the effect machine. Solution: turn on the corresponding auxiliary knob on the singing sound channel, turn on the auxiliary knob sent by the auxiliary bus, and observe the input signal indicator of the effect machine to see if there is any input signal.
2. The effect sound sent by the effect machine is not incorporated into the left and right channel bus or the marshalling bus solution: press the key incorporated into the corresponding bus.
3. The effect machine is damaged. Solution: replace the effect machine.
(8): The effect of singing sound is small and not full
It may only use the single channel effect sound of the effect machine, or there is no way to connect the two in two out of the effect machine: generally, the effect machine has left and right channel inputs and left and right channel outputs, so try to connect them in this way.
(9): sound source is released, sound box of sound reinforcement system is silent
1. The sound source has no output sound signal, or the output plug and socket of the sound source equipment are short circuited or open circuited.
Solution: repair the sound source equipment or replace the sound source equipment. Carefully check the wiring and plug socket of the sound source, and eliminate the short circuit or open circuit.
2. Solution to open circuit or short circuit of connecting wires between equipment: carefully check the connection condition of equipment wiring, plug and socket, and eliminate faulty welding, desoldering and short circuit.
3. If one or several power switches of the serial equipment are not connected, the solution to acoustic signal interruption: connect the power of the audio equipment.
4. Solution to misplacement of sound source button in the input channel of the mixer: correctly place the sound source switch button.
(10): the microphone is inserted into the soundless signal of the mixer
Solution: check the microphone cable, connect the microphone switch or replace the microphone.
(11): hold the stage wired microphone, slightly swing, and the loudspeaker makes a "click" sound.
1. Poor contact of microphone switch, solution: replace the microphone switch, or re weld the switch wiring.
2. The microphone terminal is disconnected, or the shielded wire meets the signal wire. Solution: disassemble


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