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Summary of professional English words of public address system equipment

Release date: 2020-04-28 22:08
In the work of public broadcasting, we will encounter many equipment instructions in English. If you don't know the least professional English of some industries, you will encounter many difficulties in your engineering work! Here is a collection of professional English related to the industry to help you get through the difficulties easily!
Public address system (PA)
Oltage voltage
Voltage amplifier
Speaker, speaker
Ceiling Speaker
Aux. = auxiliary
Aux.return auxiliary return
Aux.send assisted delivery
Bus, common
Clip clipping
Cue prompt, monitor
Direct (output) Jack
Effect effect
EQ equalizer
Fader attenuator, pusher
Gain, amplifier
Group group
HF = hightfrequency
HP = headset = phones
Ins. = insert, also known as out and in
LF = low mid frequency
Limit limit
Line input socket
LMF = low frequency
Lowcut low cut (cut frequency components below 100Hz)
L-R = left right
Mainsum mixed mono
Master master
Matrix matrix
Meterasign header setting
MF = mid frequency
MHF = mid high frequency
Mic. = microphone jack (commonly known as microphone or microphone)
Mix mix
frequency response
It refers to the relationship between microphone output and frequency. It refers to the change value of output voltage measured by microphone at a fixed sound pressure of a frame and different frequencies.
The directivity of microphone refers to the ratio of the sensitivity of microphone in a certain direction (2 angles) to the maximum sensitivity (o degree) at a specified frequency.
CD is the abbreviation of compact disc: usually refers to a small digital audio record system that uses laser to pick up sound signals
It is to record the software of the computer to Cd in a specific format.
CD -- V disc
It is a CD-ROM with music and some still pictures, also known as a CD-ROM with pictures and texts.
Cd-v disc
In addition to recording the same audio signal as CD, there is also 5min image signal.
CD-I disc
Is an interactive or CD-ROM, or dialogue CD-ROM. The information recorded on the CD can be exchanged with users.
CD -- R CD
It is a one-time recording disc, also known as additional recording disc, which is a blank disc provided to users. Users can use CD to record audio-visual or graphic information. After one-time recording, they can't erase it as a permanent record.
MD disc
It is a kind of magnetic disc, which can record and play repeatedly. The straight longitude is 64mm. When recording, add a magnetic field above and a laser beam below. There are information reading windows at the top and bottom.
Digital sound and image compression coding technology.
Peak music output power (PMPO)
It refers to the maximum music power that can be output by the power amplifier when the volume and tone of the power amplifier are maximized without calculating the distortion.
reverberation time
It is an important parameter to measure the quality of ten thousand tones. Its length has a great influence on the auditorium listening. It is defined as: stop making sound after reaching the steady-state sound field. The sound attenuation is 60dB. The time experienced is recorded as (60) in seconds.
Maximum pressure level
It refers to the highest steady-state quasi peak sound pressure level produced by the sound reinforcement system at the auditorium. The so-called quasi peak sound pressure level is the sound pressure level expressed by the effective value of the steady-state simple harmonic signal sound pressure with the same peak value for the non harmonic waveform sound.
Transmission frequency characteristics
When the amplification system reaches the highest gain, the average value of the steady-state sound pressure at each audience level in the hall is relative to the amplitude frequency response of the sound pressure or the input voltage of the amplification equipment at the microphone of the amplification system.
Maximum available gain
In the hall, the amplification system will generate the gain when the critical gain of per unit feedback self excitation minus 6dB.
Transmission gain
It refers to the difference between the average steady-state sound pressure level at each auditorium and the sound pressure level at microphone of sound reinforcement system when the maximum available gain of sound reinforcement system is achieved.
sound field normniformity
It is the difference of steady-state sound pressure level at each auditorium when there is sound reinforcement in the auditorium.
Haas effect
The listener only pays attention to the direction of the first arriving sound and ignores the direction of the successive short delay sound, that is, the sound arriving within 30ms will mix with the first sound, which is called "Haas effect"


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